Safe Kids

Since 1995, the Linn County Safe Kids Coalition, which is made up of volunteers from throughout the community, has worked together with the common goal of reducing unintentional injuries and death in children ages 0-19. The coalition is co-lead by the Cedar Rapids Police Department and the Cedar Rapids Fire Department. Linn County Safe Kids Coalition is part of the Network of Safe Kids Worldwide

The Linn County Safe Kids Coalition is dedicated to preventing injuries in children, the number one killer of kids in the United States. When a child dies or is seriously injured, the lives of families and entire communities are changed forever. But these tragedies don’t have to happen. The important thing to remember about preventable injuries is that they are preventable. They often occur in predictable ways and can be completely avoided with the right education, awareness and planning.

Linn County Safe Kids Coalition hosts a child safety seat check event on the second Thursday of each month at McGrath’s in Hiawatha, coordinates bike safety presentations/helmet giveaways in the spring and summer, and partners with local agencies and organizations to put on safety events throughout the year.  Over the past several years, coalition members have checked many car seat installations and distributed/fitted hundreds of bike helmets!  This is all possible because our volunteers all share the same passion and goal—keeping kids safe!







Linn County Safe Kids Coalition is made up of representatives from Marion Police Department, Marion Fire Department, Hiawatha Fire Department, Mount Vernon Police Department, Linn County Sheriff’s Department, Linn County Department of Public Health, Mercy Medical Center, UnityPoint-St. Luke’s Hospital, UnityPoint-St. Luke’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Iowa KidsNet, National Playground, Bob Mickey Collision Center, and ASAC.

To schedule an appointment to have your child safety seat inspected, contact (319) 310-SEAT